Argos is a feature rich protocol analyzer software which are available for all currently and in future supported protocols. The XML protocol definition language also allows the full customization of input/output interfaces, analysis, presentation and post-processing. The application offers the following general features:

  • It allows the definition and usage of any number of independent and related protocols at the same time
  • The protocol and all customization XML definitions are in a proprietary, clear text or encrypted XML
  • Any definition file can be updated and the protocol reloaded without exiting the application and lose the data.
  • Commonly used protocol definitions can be reused by including their definitions in several other protocol definitions.
  • Protocol definitions can be generated automatically from source code or user specific proprietary message definitions
  • The multiple document interface allows opening protocol data, text or hex view
  • Real-time and offline protocol data acquisition and analysis
  • Configurable and long time protocol data acquisition Tetra PDU Document
  • Tetra PDU Document
  • Integrated HTML help for application usage and for the XML protocol description language

Input/output interfaces:

  • Binary and text logfiles, clipboard
  • Serial COM ports, in spy mode also
  • Multiple TCP server or UDP endpoints
  • Proprietary bidirectional connection over TCP to integrate in user application for internal message monitoring
  • Telnet and SSH session text content, SSH tunneling
  • Proprietary device interface, which can be implemented by the user based on an API and the open source code provided of the above interfaces.

Analysis and presentation features:

  • Analysis and presentation at bit level detail
  • Symbolic and/or numeric or user formatted PDU member values presentation Expand Feather
  • PDU filtering and filter reporting
  • Colorizing of individual or structural PDU members
  • User definable multi-column, multi-line tree list view for PDU, with different colors, size and visibility
  • Multiple views of the same PDU data, with own PDU filter configuration
  • Filtered view of the protocol data, column sorting
  • Command forms for device control
  • Multiple message diagrams, exportable to Microsoft Visio
  • Fragmented PDU reassembling
  • Save in proprietary and export to customizable binary or text format
  • Export of view content, with or without PDU members to file or clipboard, in simple text, HTML and RTF format
  • Bookmarking in PDU, text, XML and hexdump views

In the next pages, these features are presented in more detail. 

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