Protocol Analysis, Integration and Customization

Protocol Analysis and Integration

We are offering a range of services concentrated around Tetra and other open or proprietary telecommunication protocol analysis using our core product, the Argos protocol analyzer software. The variety and totally configurable legacy or proprietary input/output computer interface support of Argos offers an easy connectivity with any protocol data provider. With the documentation provided, the customer shall be able to integrate and customize Argos into his system, but we are also offering our support for a smother and faster integration on a need basis. We can also do the integration and customization for you, at a competitive price and quality.

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Tetra Protocol Analysis

Tetra Protocol Analysis with Argos

The Argos protocol analyzer supports the acquisition and analysis of a set of Tetra (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) protocols, the most important ones being the Air Interface MAC, LLC and Layer 3, including TEDS, the ISI (Inter System Interface) and the SS (Supplementary Services); see the complete list. The software can also decode the TBS (Tetra Base Station), SwMI (Switching and Management Infrastructure) internal and external messages, with and without Tetra protocol layer.

We can support our customers with the integration of Tetra analysis solutions at a competitive price and quality.

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