Argos Tetra Protocol AnalyzerArgos is an Universal Protocol Analyzer software for TETRA and other proprietary and open standard telecommunication protocols.
It uses a proprietary XML protocol definition language to completely define the protocol structures and customize the interfacing, analysis and presentation.

Argos analyses Tetra Air Interface, with TEDS, Supplementary Services (SS), Inter System Interface (ISI) and other TETRA related open standard and proprietary protocols.

Argos has an easy to use, fast, feature rich and totally customizable user interface. It can be easily integrated in proprietary environments thanks to its flexible interface support.

Argos can be used for Tetra and other protocols related:

  • software development
  • module, integration and system testing
  • network maintenance and troubleshooting
  • interoperability (IOP) testing
  • reporting

Argos is s a must-to-have tool for your company, if you:

  • operate in Tetra and telecom business
  • have a portfolio of various protocols to analyse
  • have or develop your own proprietary protocols, formats and equipments
  • integrate open standard and proprietary protocol stacks
  • want to have a professional protocol analyzer
  • want to have one analyzer for all protocols
  • need to analyze anywhere, juts plug-in and analyze
  • might need to analyse in future other protocols

By using Argos, you can reduce development and testing time and costs, because:

  • it is affordable in comparison with similar tools
  • one analyzer for all protocols and teams
  • no need to maintain several tools
  • no need to train your teams for several analysers

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