The Company

XPro Company

XPro Ltd is an independent, privately owned  limited software company, founded in 2008, working on software solutions for telecommunication and proprietary protocols analysis. Today the company is specialized in various Tetra (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) related protocol analysis and support for Tetra equipment manufacturer and solutions companies. 


Our Objective

XPro Objective

The objective of XPro is to provide the highest quality protocol analysis solutions for our partners, at very competitive prices. Tailoring our core solution to our partner's specific proprietary and open protocol portfolio is one of our key business target. Continuous development of our core and customized solutions maintains our partner's satisfaction at highest level.


The Solution

XPro Solution

Our protocol analysis solution covers the complete life cycle of telecommunication protocol: development, implementation, testing, deployment and on-the-field maintenance and troubleshooting. The software developer, tester and customer support teams can use the same tools to achieve their objectives in the most efficient and cost effective way. Our motto is: one solution to analyze them all.


The Product

XPro Argos Product

Our core product is the Argos Universal Protocol Analyzer software, running on all modern Windows platforms, which currently supports a set of open standard and proprietary Tetra protocols, and set of other telecommunication protocols from the ISDN, PPP, and IP families. The Argos analyzer consists of three main components: the main application, which implements generic protocol analysis solutions, but it is completely protocol independent, the XML protocol, user interface and post-processing definition language, and the input/output device plugins which provides the data for analysis and commands external devices.


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We are member of:

Tetra + Critical Communications Association