Protocol Analysis, Integration and Customization

Argos is a highly configurable telecommunication protocol analyzer software. The complete protocol analysis flow, from data input, data format conversion, protocol analysis, post processing and reporting, is configurable by a powerful, yet simple XML protocol description language, in text format. This means that basically any telecommunication protocol can be defined, being an open standard, or a proprietary protocol. Moreover, as usually these protocols are stacked and embedded in each other, defining their relation is as easy as defining and using a type for a variable in a programming language.

Argos offers various connection possibilities towards legacy computer interfaces and protocol data sources, like binary or text log files, clipboard, serial ports, IP/TCP/UDP endpoints, Telnet sessions, SSH sessions and tunnels. All these are implemented as loadable plugin devices, with source code and API available for reference and customization. The user shall be able to implement its own input/output device plugin to interface it with its own proprietary protocol data provider hardware.

The presentation, post processing, exporting can variate from protocol to protocol. Therefore, the XML definition language allows the complete customization of them.

Usually, the proprietary protocols are already defined in a common programming language or in a proprietary format. Argos has an integrated plugin system with an API and example code provided, which automatically converts the message definitions and values interpretation into the XML protocol definition language, in seconds. The version management embedded in the our XML protocol definition language enables switching between protocol versions with a few clicks.

Argos has built in enhanced XML editor for protocol definition and navigation. Updating and applying changes is immediately possible, without need to compile or link anything, or use 3rd party software, and without the need to discard the already acquired data.

As all the aspects of the protocol analysis described above is customisable, the user can do that, together we can do that, or we can do that for you. So, here it comes our offers for support and/or complete implementation:

  • Argos customization and integration
  • Proprietary or open standard protocol XML definition, conversion to XML
  • Interfacing with proprietary or 3rd party hardware
  • Customer specific post processing, reporting and exporting
  • Customer specific application features
  • We can train our customers on how to use the software most efficiently and how they can update, develop and fine tune the protocol analysis with the XML protocol language.

All these are offered at a competitive price and quality. Correction releases, bug fixes are offered free of charge for unlimited time.

The continuous development of Argos by us, and a long time support agreement allows our customers to benefit from new features.

Contact us for more details on technical or financial subject.