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XPro is a privately owned limited software company, founded in 2008 in Espoo, Finland. 

Our key expertise are software solutions for telecommunication protocols analysis and software development.


Today the company is specialized in various Tetra (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) related protocol analysis and support for Tetra equipment manufacturer and solutions companies.

Our protocol analysis solution covers the complete life cycle of a telecommunication protocol: development, implementation, testing, network monitoring and troubleshooting.

Our core product is the Argos Universal Protocol Analyzer software, running on all modern Windows platforms, 

Argos Key To Success

which currently supports a set of open standard, proprietary and Tetra protocols, and a set of other telecommunication protocols from the ISDN, PPP, and IP families.

The company developed a powerful, yet simple XML Protocol Description Language, to define all aspects of the protocol analysis: from acquisition, trough decoding, presentation and post processing. The user can modify, develop further and add new protocols anytime, using the XML protocol IDE, integrated in the analyzer.

The analyzer can incorporate the customer's whole proprietary and open standard, current or future protocol portfolio. It can also be easily integrated in customer's proprietary development and testing environments thanks to its various and flexible interface support.

XPro Partner

Our customer profile is a telecommunication or embedded software development company, which is in need of such and integrated and modern protocol analysis solution, and which would like to provide to its professionals a unique and professional tool. 

We made the analyzer for you, so you don't have to. 


We are also partnering, with a mutual benefit scheme, with companies and professionals with knowledge and expertise of various telecommunication protocols, to extend our protocol analysis portfolio.

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