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About Argos

Argos is a fully customisable telecommunication protocol analyzer software for Windows platforms. It uses a proprietary XML protocol description language to customize it for different protocols, data inputs and post processing.

The application core implements generic data acquisition, protocol analysis, presentation and post processing functionality. The XML definitions customizes all these operations. There can be any number of totally independent or stacked protocols defined in XML, and loaded at the same time.

Argos Main WindowThe application performs offline and real-time protocol analysis. It accepts input from log files, clipboard, and any number of loadable input/output device plugins, with and open API. The application receives protocol data from and can send commands to the input/output devices. The user can develop its own plugin to interface with proprietary or 3rd party hardware. Argos provides such plugins for serial COM ports, TCP/UDP connections, Telnet and SSH sessions.

Argos Main WindowThe application offers a feature rich multi-document user interface, for protocol data view, XML editor for protocol development, hexadecimal and text file viewers. The protocol data document presents the result of the protocol analysis in a multicolumn and multiline tree hierarchy.

The column configuration and content is fully customisable through XML, and it can be formatted so that it gives the most comprehensive information about the PDU content.
There can be multiple views defined for the same protocol. The view content can be filtered by each column's content and each PDU can be marked by filters with various logical conditions.

Each PDU can be expanded and analyzed at each byte and bit level.

Message sequence diagrams can be created from the protocol data, and it can be exported to Microsoft Visio drawing.

The protocol data can be exported to binary and simple or formatted text files.Argos MDI

The application supports long time acquisition, with configurable acquisition parameters and logfile splitting, with minimum memory usage. Partial and controlled loading helps searching in large logfiles.

Custom protocol definitions can be converted to XML from C language or from proprietary message definitions, in a few seconds. Protocol version control makes possible an easy switch between different versions of the same protocol.

All these features are available to all protocols, and they are customized for each protocol.

The same Argos analyzer can be used for protocol analysis by developer, tester and maintenance teams, for the complete protocol portfolio of a product or a company.

More details about Argos features can be found in the Features and other pages.

Currently, Argos supports a number of Tetra (Terrestrial Trunked Radio), Ethernet and IP (Inetrnet Protocol), PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) protocols. Visit the Protocols page for more details.

Popular tags: Analyzer, Sniffer, Decoder, Tetra Application, Tetra Software

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