Argos 1.6 Release

Argos 1.6 was released on 13 January 2011.

The main content of this release is the Tetra Supplementary Services (SS) analysis, which fully decodes the DGNA, TPI, AL and CW protocols, and partially, up to protocol PDU identifier and raw content, the rest of the Tetra Supplementary Services protocols. See the complete list of supported protocols here...

The reassembled IP traffic from the Tetra Air Interface view was enhanced and the IP traffic can be exported to a Wireshark compatible Libcap format logfile.

The user interface also got richer with new and enhanced functionality:

  • Multiple PDU filter enable/disable dialog, PDU filter profiles
  • Configurable PDU filter reports (on request/on fly), PDU filter report profiles
  • Regexp search in PDU view/members text


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