Argos 1.3 Release

Argos 1.3 was released on 22nd of September 2009.

This release introduces for the first time the Tetra Air Interface TEDS analysis based on ETSI EN 300 392-2 v3.3.1.

Also, for the first time, it supports real time acquisition using proprietary hardware device for Tetra Base Station internal, external and Air Interface monitoring.

New input device plugins for PC's Ethernet and IPv4 traffic monitoring is added.

New user interface and functionality enhancements:

  • Protocol version control support
  • PDU bookmarking
  • PDU editor
  • Hex Editor
  • Multiline PDU entries in PDU views
  • Faster protocol loading
  • Unlimited (or memory limited) items in the PDU views
  • PDU view specific PDU filters
  • XML Protocol Definition Language enhancements

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