Argos 1.4 Release

Argos 1.4 was released on 22nd of March 2010.

This release contains Tetra Air Interface protocol presentation updates for Tetra 1 and Tetra 2 (TEDS), Air Interface message diagram definitions and SDS content decoding:

  • Text messages (7, 8, 16 bit encoding)
  • LIP (Location Information Protocol)
  • NMEA format GPS Location Protocol

For the first time, fragmented PDUs are reassembled automatically and in real time for both Tetra 1 and TEDS:

  • LLC PDUs on Air Interface
  • SN Packet Data on Air Interface, TBS-Exchange interface and Exchange internal interface

Also the GTP (GPRS Tunneling Protocol) and embedded IP payload (TCP/UDP/ICMP/IGMP) is decoded from inter and internal Exchange interfaces.

The data acquisition now supports:

  • Continuous/Limited Time/Limited Period/Limited Amount
  • Logging in single or multiple files, with split criteria time/amount/size
  • Record to Memory and UI enable/disable
  • Long time acquisition mode
  • Acquisition statistics

New features in the user interface:

  • Bit Works: a new dialog from bit buffer concatenation and shifting.
  • PDU Edit dialog: it is possible to modify the member values
  • Grouped PDU filters
  • PDU Filter Report/Report-on-Fly
  • New pup-up menu commands on PDU hierarchy: Reset range bar, Copy Content (individual or all columns, members), single or multiple PDU selections
  • Status LED control for command forms
  • New log file handling commands: copy, move
  • Diagram view enhancements
  • XML Protocol definition language enhancements

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