Argos analyzing the TETRA cross-border connection

As European borders reappear, inter-country communication becomes critical
Today’s Schengen map of Europe suggests that borders between member countries have disappeared. That is true for most of us, but not for critical communications networks as TETRA.
The current migration of thousands of refugees across Europe shows that once forgotten borders are again in the critical zone. Real time inter-communication between police forces and emergency services, on both sides of the borders, becomes more important than ever.
The two Nordic countries, Sweden and Norway, are the first to implement true interoperability between their nationwide TETRA networks for public safety. The TETRA Inter System Interface (ISI) provides the technology to implement interconnection of two independently owned and operated TETRA networks, from different manufacturers.

Tetra ISI network monitoring and analysis

The Argos TETRA ISI network monitoring and analysis solution, is the tool that offers the monitoring and analysis of the interconnected TETRA networks. From the lowest layers of transport protocols, up to the last element of the ISI stack, the signaling and speech traffic, and all functions are monitored, analyzed and presented in a user-friendly, feature rich interface.
Data can be accepted from proprietary interfaces and logfiles, in proprietary formats, test environments or from active networks. The open ISI standard E1 interface is monitored using USB or ExpressCard connected multiple E1 monitoring devices.
The monitored data is analyzed and presented in multiple views, in ISI signaling only, ISI with PABX’s QSIG signalling, with and without TETRA speech content
Speech items are automatically reassembled and can be played back immediately, or exported to audio files.

Argos monitoring and analyzing Tetra ISI

Features like filtering, bookmarking, exporting to various formats, provides an easy way for sharing the logs and findings between teams.
All protocol definitions are defined in a clear XML format, updating and customizing them is embedded in the environment.
Argos also supports IP network monitoring, including Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the future ISI transport layers according to ISITEP (the EU’s Inter System Interoperability for TETRA-TetraPol Networks), making investment in the solution future-proof.
The Argos analyzer also supports the monitoring and analysis of the open standard TETRA Air Interface, TETRA Layer 3, Location Information Protocol (LIP), and various proprietary and open standard interfaces and protocols.
The tool can be used during development, testing, field support, interoperability testing and certification.
The Argos TETRA ISI analyzer is also used by the two major ISI-ready TETRA network and solution vendors, Airbus DS and Motorola Solutions, in their interoperability testing.

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